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Welcome to my website.
You can find here all my new dances, and all the dances I taught in my class.
There is more to discover on my website.
Schedule for Events which I organize, Linedance Classes, Dance Evenings etc etc
Every month there will be a newsletter. In this newsletter I will publish all the dances I taught the last month, or all upcoming event. You can sign up it.
If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact me
Line Dance Is Like Dreaming With Your Feet




Here you can find all my latest choreography.
Included the stepsheet and video.
Are you curious which dances
I have taught in my class?
Have a look!!
Questions about new releases, workshops, Events or booking?
Please send me a email
Do you want to stay update?
Let me know if you want to
receive the Newsletter or my new dances
Latest Video's
Esmeraldadancers@gmail.com - 0031-638263580
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