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Our Terms and Conditions (Event bookings)
All deposit or full payments form a contract between yourself & us and these conditions apply. No Variations to these terms are valid unless formerly agreed by Dance with Esmeralda in writing.
Once you have paid your initial deposit to us and have received your email booking confirmation the contract between us comes into force and it is therefore assumed that you have accepted the Terms and Conditions clearly set out herein. The deposit is a part payment of the event booked and the balance must be paid before the date specified on the booking confirmation email.
Please note if we do not receive final payment or notification by the date specified then we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled by you. Full payment is required for all bookings made within 3 months of the event date.  Payments may be made by PAYPAL, bank payment / Dutch bank payment
If you cancel your arrangements or if any member of your group or the whole group cancels, written notification must be sent to us.
All deposits are strictly non-refundable (Seats and rooms)
IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST take responsibility for YOUR travel and purchase Travel Insurance to cover any cancellations / losses.
We reserve the right to make any necessary changes to the artistes, choreographers and entertainment on our events when situations arise not within our control (Sickness, Redundancy, Airline strikes and issues etc)
We also reserve the right to change the venue should the need arise with any unforeseen circumstances such as industrial action, fire, closure and all similar events outside of our control.
Event cancellations are extremely rare. If any situation forces the cancellation of any of our events we are not held responsible. Events incur huge costs and these are paid out prior to the event date covering all sorts of requirements for the artistes and hall hire fees.
Refunds will be offered however when the reason for the cancellation is the sole and full responsibility of ourselves (our illness for example).
Airlines, Tour operators, strikes, acts of god, wars and unsettlement, pandemics etc are NOT our responsibility. You MUST take out adequate Insurance for yourself. We are not responsible for this or your choice of policy etc. Please act responsibly and take good Travel Insurance.
All the venues are covered by their own public and employee liability insurances and hold licenses to use copyright music. We hold our own Insurance against loss or damage to our equipment etc.
Any complaints should be send to or in writing to Dance with Esmeralda, van Slingelandtstraat 46, 6828 VG, Arnhem – Netherlands
We adhere to all health and safety precautions at all times (maximum capacity of the ballroom, fire safety, dance floor etiquette etc).
It may be necessary on occasion due to ill health etc to change the Artis, Choreographer(s), host(s) or Instructor(s) on the event.
Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated at our events. Any person or group causing upset or distress or unrest will be removed immediately and no refunds given.
We are not responsible for any facilities at the Hotel venue being unavailable at the time of our event (pool etc). These situations are beyond our control. If you choose to stay at the Hotel venue then you have full use of the Hotel facilities as stated on your booking. If you stay elsewhere, you are only permitted to enter the Hotel to participate in the dancing event and are not permitted to use other facilities there unless arrangements are made between yourself and the Hotel reception.
Revised August 1st 2018
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