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About Esmeralda

" Dancing is Like Dreaming With Your Feet"
That's what we all enjoy!
It's give me the inspiration to write and to
share with all of you my choreopraphy

My Bio

My name is Esmeralda, and I live in Holland, " The Netherlands".
I have one daughter and a lovely charming grandson, and live together
with my boyfriend Wim.

I first start linedancing 14 years ago, when I was asked by my parents to come with them
to line dance class.
I was a little uncertain and my reply was " I don't think it's something for me".
I went to class, starting with no dance experience at all, but i liked it very much, the rest is history
and I'm very passionate about my dancing.

I spent a couple of years at different classes and then start my own class 9 years ago.
We always have a lot of fun, and enjoyed every minute of it.

What I loved the most of all the line dancing, is that so much people give me the chance to come
over for a workshops and to share the passion we all love!! I'm a very lucky person to discover a lot
op places in the world... I loved it!!!
Making friends in different country's, have a lot of fun and laugh. Share quality time, and do others
thing together beside the dancing. I don't want to miss this beautiful life.
I'm proud of my the people from my claass, because whitout them, I don't have the opportunity to be
a instructor.
Never thought I would get so many chances to see a lot of the world, and to meet all of you.

I have a variety of hobbies before i started line dancing. I participated in fight sports.
Aikido and Samurai Sword.
Because of a heavy car accident, I can't do my fight sports anymore... That's the reason I started
Line dancing!

Beside of all this, I have some other hobbies.
Photography, this could be in national parcs, zoo, or Urban Exploring.
Urban Exploring you will visit abandoned places which are forbidden, It could be old hospitals,
metro stations, old mines etc etc. This all for photography and capture images of the places we visit.
We will never touch and take anything about all these places!!

And If I want to be very relaxing and zen, and the weather is good, then I go diving. One year ago I got my diving licenses.
Great to discover the underwater world in the Netherlands and other countries.

But non of this would be possible without my friend Wim, he leaves me free to do what i want,
and to enjoy life.

Hopefully I will see you smewhere on the dancefloor


Much of love

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